Interior Design Therapy

$500.00 USD

What is Design Therapy?

Design Therapy is perfect for you if you are budget conscious and overwhelmed in choosing a sense of direction for your interior design project. During your therapy session, two of DPI's finest designers will visit you at your project site and brainstorm your project with you on-site.

Not sure if your kitchen needs that wall knocked down? We can tell you if it will look better!

Need some paint selections on the spot for your new rumpus room? We can do that too!

What You Get:

1. 2 hours of on the spot brain-picking with 2 DPI designers.

2. A complete run-down of our meeting, tips and direction discussion, and advice in writing.

3. Peace of mind before proceeding with your project before making and costly mistakes.

Need some therapy time? Hit that purchase button and let's get down to business.

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