Luxury Full Service Design Package

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With DPI's Luxury Full-service package, you receive a completed design space from concept, design, implementation and final styling. We handle EVERYTHING. No more worrying about scheduling that contractor or waiting at home for that sofa to arrive. No more guessing if your home will look super fabulous at the end of your project. You know it will because we will show you. No surprises.

How Does it Work?

So glad you asked!

We begin with an initial consultation and site visit to make 100% sure that we are a good fit for your project. If, after that, you and DPI decide to move forward we dig right in.

1. Design Measurements and In-depth interview to nail down the scope and aesthetic

2. Trades are brought in to get estimates for the scope of work

3. Budgets are reviewed, discussed and approved.

4. Design genius ensues

5. Gorgeous presentations, oohs and ahhhs and all the heart eyes (try not to faint with happiness)

6. Presentation is approved or revisions made.

7. Trades are scheduled and furnishings, lighting, styling items are ordered

8. Pardon our dust. Magic is happening

9. Install Day! Remember all those beautiful things you approved? Today is when the DPI team swarms in like locusts and makes the vision come to life

10. The Reveal. Is this real life? Yep. Pinch yourself. This is YOUR home

11. Final walkthrough

12. Punch list items addressed

13. Photoshoot and champagne. Lots and lots of champagne (or whiskey if that's your thing)

Ready to do this thang? Good! So are we.

Questions? Give us a call! 786-769-3455 for pricing.

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